A place for our closest friends

Like many of you, we were very sad to see the recent announcement of My Opera closing down. The user community was such a strong and vital part of Opera, and Opera and My Opera thrived because of you. I spent a lot of time myself reading the comments made by users in forums and in blogs and I continue to do so. The support you gave us at Opera was second to none. Without you there would have been no Opera.

For me, as a co-founder of Opera, I cannot just see the community we built together being ignored and stranded like this. Therefore, some of us got together and created a place for our community, our friends, once again.

As you can see, it’s still very much a work in progress. Things have happened very quickly and we have tried to be quick as well. We wanted to share this with you as soon as possible and let you all know that there will still be a place for us.

We hope you like it and that you will help us improve going forward. You are what makes this community.

Your friend,


A very important read

Tim Berners-Lee is one person that I have a lot of respect for. He is the inventor of the Web we love and his views and opinions are to be respected. In 2011 he wrote a very important article that everyone should read:


It is so easy to take the Web for granted. But we have to remember that the road to where we are today was not easy and there continue to be a lot of threats to the Web as we know it. We must keep on fighting for an open Web, standards based Web. We can all make a difference by making the right choices.