My tale of wheels

The first four-wheeled love affairs are always special. In 1995, I got a 1985 Volkswagen Golf. I purchased that car from my father. I was 27 years old. Although I had my driver’s license for 10 years, I never felt the need for my own car. Reason being, the benefits of living in Reykjavik and Oslo. One could easily commute and do without a car, particularly in Oslo. I would borrow a car from my grandfather in Iceland or my father in Norway, only when needed but that was seldom.


My experience with Windows 10 S

During a recent trip, I did something I do not do often. I left my computer behind. I was driving to the mountains and the intent was to return the same day. But the trip got prolonged. I needed to get online, and I decided to grab a cheap PC in a local supermarket. I got one with Windows 10 S as I wanted to try out this Microsoft OS.

That was the start of an ugly story.


Good for accessibility, good for all users

In the early days of the Web, the web pages described the content and its structure, while the layout was decided by the browser. This allowed for content to be displayed on a lot of different devices, including text-only devices and devices without colour screens. This also opened up for the content display to adapt to the needs of the user.


Privacy : Ever had the feeling you are being followed? You are.

A year ago, I was travelling extensively around the world talking about the importance of privacy on the Internet. I spoke fiercely against data collection and targeting of individuals. This is something that has been on my mind for a long time. The erosion of privacy on the Internet is a very significant problem.


Talking Vivaldi in San Francisco

It’s always inspiring to speak with like-minded people and hear their feedback about what we do here at Vivaldi. Spending last week in the San Francisco Bay Area and meeting fellow entrepreneurs, journalists and our users has given us lots of ideas to ponder upon.
User meet up in San Francisco