Why Vivaldi sponsors a small football team in Iceland

For the first time ever my home country – Iceland – is taking part in the FIFA World Cup. In fact, it’s not only taking part, it’s being watched closely by the experts and is taking many by surprise.

Being a big football fan myself, I am often asked how a small country like Iceland is able to turn out such a strong team. Let me share some insights with you. A word of warning: you’ll see the words football and Vivaldi in the same sentence.

Let’s start at the beginning

I come from a small town in Iceland called Seltjarnarnes. It’s right next to Reykjavik. You can basically walk down to Reykjavik in half an hour. When I was growing up, it was a town of 3000 people. Today it has a population of 4500.

I grew up playing football for the local club – Grótta. The club was founded in 1967 which makes it as old as I am.

Back then I remember Grótta being a fourth-league club but they’ve made great strides since then. At the moment they are in the third league but have been going back and forth between third and second. There’s a lot of young talent in that club and I am confident they’ll progress.

Growing up in Iceland, Seltjarnarnes and Grótta were my local community and the natural thing to do was play football with my local team at lower age groups. I did, even though I wasn’t great. But I had a lot of fun and obviously it’s a community that’s still close to my heart.

In January 2015, Vivaldi started sponsoring Grótta. The focus of the team – being a community football club and a place where young players can develop – is important to me. The number of people playing with the team is astounding. There are a lot of kids playing. They are already competing albeit not professionally. They use many new techniques to improve the team’s performance. For example, they are trying wearing monitors that give information about the physical performance of the players.

The money Vivaldi contributes pays for some of the ongoing expenses of the club, e.g. we cover the cost for the buses taking the players to tournaments.  

Vivaldi’s office in Iceland is also based in Seltjarnarnes which means that our team there is involved with the football team on many levels.

Just recently, Grótta football field got a new, special name – it now carries Vivaldi’s name. That makes us really proud!

Isn’t it fantastic that a small country like Iceland can produce so much talent and such a strong team! Many of the players are very good and end up playing professionally albeit not in Iceland.

My experience playing football in Iceland and more recently supporting a small football club there shows that it all starts at the community level (and, yes, I follow the same principle when building Vivaldi). It starts at playing fields like Grótta where the town population cannot even fill a big stadium. But this takes nothing away from the passion for the sport. In fact, it makes it stronger. Go Iceland!

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  1. HI,
    I am from the US and recently downloaded VIVALDI and love it (and still learning how to use it effectively). Now that I know you are an Icelandic company that makes me even more satisfied and HAPPY!

    I am a huge football (“soccer” in US) fan. I played defense in high school and also college. My youngest son who just graduated last month from college played in college and had a scholarship to play. We watched Iceland tie Argentina last week and were pulling for an Icelandic WIN!

    I really admire the Icelandic people for their backbone to stand up to the international bankers and KICK them out, I only wish our US CONgress would have more real men with integrity and institute an HONEST money system instead of taking the bribes from the International BANKSTERS!

    Please keep up the stellar work with VIVALDI and you should try to incorporate cryptocurrency and the blockchain into you webpage.

    My HOT CRYPTOcurrency tip is a cryptocoin called ESPERS https://espers.io/ it is going to be HUGE and can be bought right now at an extremely low price!

    I hope to visit your inspiring country in the near future, and when I do will look you up!

    most sincerely,
    Gary Mutton
    Semper Fidelis

  2. I don’t like all the hype about Iceland national team, since 2016, when they go through 1/8 final. But its a realy tough to play against them, its a good, qualified team, which can beat everyone who underestimated them, like England in Euro or Argentina.
    In Russia we frindly envy you, the small country with a big number of good child coaches, and the result of it – national team, which go through qualification from the first place to the second big tournament in a row.

  3. Congrats on your success! My big country(US) couldn’t even qualify, so you beat us right there! But we win lots of stuff. Am glad many countries around the world are catching up to the traditional soccer powers. It’s boring if only Brazil and Germany win all the time. Hope Iceland keeps up the good work!

  4. Áfram Ísland! 🙂 Even with very little interest in soccer overall it’s been impressive to know how well they did.

  5. Really enjoyed your article as well as watching Iceland play in the WC. My son and I are involved in soccer in Australia at a community level (State League 1) unfortunately we havent well this year and in real danger of relegation!
    Wishing you well in your endeavours and …..also enjoying the Vavaldi experience!

  6. Really enjoyed your article as well as watching Iceland play in the WC. My son and I are involved in soccer in Australia at a community level (State League 1) unfortunately we havent well this year and in real danger of relegation!
    Wishing you well in your endeavours and …..also enjoying the Vivaldi experience!

  7. Just spent 10 days in Iceland—the land of my grandfather. Beautiful. was inspiring.

    Valdimar emigrated in 1895, had 6 children with Maria, and they prospered in America. We were able to find his mothers grave in Akureryi, and provide for a headstone, which she had not had since her death in 1928.

    Loved every minute.