Vivaldi 1.0: Not for everybody, just you

Here it is. After more than a year of public development, we’re honored to share Vivaldi 1.0 with you today. You’re the reason we’ve made it this far.  

Download Vivaldi 1.0

When we started building a browser, we wanted to do it on our terms and for our users. So far, we’ve kept that promise. Vivaldi isn’t like any other browser. We’re not trying to make it simple in an effort to appeal to every user. We’re introducing features and customizations that browsers today don’t have. We’re making it for you, and you deserve more from your browser.  

That focus is very important. Vivaldi should adapt to you. It shouldn’t feel like a browser for everyone. Because it isn’t. It’s for you.  

When you download Vivaldi today, we’ll prompt you to start customizing your browser immediately.

That’s just one small feature you’ll notice, along side many others.  

If you like the work we’ve done, we hope you’ll consider telling a friend. The world needs more independent browsers, especially ones that keep the users at the center of what they do.  

Thank you for starting out on this journey with us. It means everything to us that you’re part of it.

Download Vivaldi 1.0

Vivaldi 1.0 - Modern & Classic

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