More than 400,000 downloads and it’s still counting

Dear friends,


Last week we shared the first technical preview of Vivaldi. We wanted to build a browser for power users like you and me.

We expect something different – something better – from the tools we use on the web. We thought a lot of people might feel the same way.


Since last Tuesday, more than 400,000 of you have downloaded Vivaldi.

That’s more people than live in my native country of Iceland – and almost as many sheep.

It’s an amazing result for a technical preview of a browser.

This has been a great start, but it is only the beginning. Many more out there want a browser built for their way of using the web.


Your support means a great deal to us, so we invite you to stay on the bleeding edge.

Even though we have a small team, we intend to deliver a weekly snapshot of our progress from now on.


Thanks for trying Vivaldi. Here’s to what’s next.


Kind regards,


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  1. Thank you for the return of Opera! I love Your bowser since the days of Dial-up. Now forever with vivaldi!

  2. Thanks Jon and all your team in Vivaldi! I’m an old user of Opera, unhappy like (almost) every one else with recent versions of that once great browser.

    Some of the features I apreciate the most: mouse gestures (the old way…), tab stacking, tab pin, speed dial (with customizations), session save/restore, bookmarks save/restore (menu file…), speed (of course!!!) and so on.

    I wish you all the success you want, for it will be very good for me too… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. So happy to hear that Vivaldi is so well recieved (: I’m very excited to see how Vivaldi will innovate the web, i’m sure you will (:

    And i hope you will be more and more successful with the Vivaldi web browser, that the Team can grow and be able to realize all the ideas – with our help – and the vision of a unique browser (:

  4. wow, so many downloads
    It’s to see how happy you are now, Jon. 🙂 It’s just the beginning 🙂
    Thank you!

  5. Vivaldi has a long way to go but looks great so far (well, feature-wise, let’s not get into design). I guess I’ll finally be able to ditch Opera 12 🙂

  6. It’s great to see ‘The Opera Way’ return. Especially ‘Notes’!
    By the way – I’m one of those people that has (and would) pay for a browser. First installed Opera 3.21 off of a floppy disk mailed with the old ‘boot’ magazine. I’ve tried to like the new Opera. I pretty much liked Opera 3 through 12 better.
    Thanks for trying to bring it back, and better!

  7. I’ve been following the “Otter Browser” project as well as Opera, and will be following along now with Vivaldi.

    Where does one find builds, and official developer type blogs?

  8. Good to see you again Jon! 🙂 It was sad day when you left at Opera…
    I’m still on Opera 12.17 and can’t wait to get new Vivaldi weeklies.
    So I guess there will be some sort of …/vivaldidesktopteam 😀

  9. Just posted this on tiki’s blog:

    I hope you and others will find something meaningful and some good friends here. And I hope the Vivaldi Browser will stay true to its namesake. Antonio Vivaldi composed the Four Seasons and the sonnets that describe them. They came from his honest feelings, RIP.

    Developers, It’s time to shed the geekish immaturity. Develop something beautiful, with artistic sensibilities.

    Please change the icon. How about a tilted ‘V’ with a tilde ‘~’ going from one tip to the other? Like a harp.

    Please emulate Antonio Vivaldi. That would be wonderful.

  10. I hit the Alt key and the ‘FEV’ menu showed up. GREAT! To attract ‘power users,’ staying true to the original design [of
    Windows] and elaborating it is the way to go. It’s all about the design of the user interface.

    If you don’t like the ‘File, Edit, View’ menu standard, please state your reasons here, and show us an alternative.

    Win8 style ‘flat’ skin is NOT for everyone. Please come up with alternatives.

    There is a ‘Three Finger Salute’ to close all Windows compliant apps: Alt – Space Bar – ‘c’

    This is much better that Alt + F4. The ‘+’ indicates that the Alt key must be held down. To hit these, one has to reach across the keyboard. The ‘-‘ in the above means you can let go of the key. Look at where those three keys are located. Left hand three finger salute.

    Power users want to accomplish the most with the least amount of effort. Well designed shortcuts are needed.

    One more thing: please don’t emulate FB’s business model. There has to be something better than that.

    Nonetheless, Vivaldi needs content. Any browser that succeeds will guide the user to relevant content on the Internet. If I love Vivaldi, I will support it with content. Isn’t that how Youtube works?

    Vivaldi is music, beautiful music. This calls for some music blogs. I want to support Please check out my music blogs.

    Coming soon.

  11. I don’t know what’s in the water in Iceland, but something must be… CCP (EVE Online), Vivaldi, Ragnar Solberg, and the best (and only) 12-hour layover I’ve ever enjoyed. Much love to Iceland.