Thank you

Dear Friends,


I am sitting on the plane home after a very busy week in Norway. A very satisfying week.

I could not be prouder over what our team have achieved. I am also proud and grateful over the response we got from all of you.


It is clear that we are on the right path.

The features. The looks. The details. 


But our job is not done. This is where the real job starts. Now we are no longer working in silence. 

We have a large group of people, all of you supporting us and demanding things from us. I love it! šŸ™‚


From now on we will start to do weekly builds. 

We will have a relatively light process in order to show you progress we make every week.


This is a browser for all of us.

I am confident that together we will make this a great product.




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  1. First of all thanks for the great job you and your team has done so far.
    You give me and a lot of others new hope for a better browser, a better web experience and better communication since is what the web really is about and a team that develops a tool to experience the web should be a perfect example of communicating with others šŸ˜‰

    Can’t wait for the weekly builds

  2. I love you creators of this masterpiece, was sad when Opera has left us orphans but love reborn and even stronger as a phoenix but now my heart is with the Vivaldi!

  3. You have moxie, Jon… I’ll give you that. One would think that the user base for yet another browser is exceedingly small and now that MS is intending to release a brand new browser (Spartan) into the mix, one has to ask: is there room for another, particularly a suite which could very well be viewed as a throwback to the last decade? I’m afraid I’m skeptical of Vivaldi but nevertheless I’m willing to give it a try. I’ve long since abandoned the idea of a mail client running instead with stand alone programs. In fact, like many I’ve switched over to a web mail account and frankly I could not be happier. It seems to me that you might be misreading the market for a suite but perhaps there will be a small group that will embrace Vivaldi and it will become another niche player – I don’t know. Good luck to you and your team. I’m afraid you’re going to need it. šŸ™‚

  4. Thank you for this post. Its exactly what we wanted to read. Weekly smaller updates to keep us addicted to the browser. Nice idea šŸ˜€ and I think its one we will need at first to get the bug fixing process rolling faster.

    Have a nice flight home and let the nordic forces be with you to lead the company and products into a new era with your team.

  5. Thank you for this post. Its exactly what we wanted to read. Weekly smaller updates to keep us addicted to the browser. Nice idea šŸ˜€ and I think its one we will need at first to get the bug fixing process rolling faster.

    Have a nice flight home and let the nordic forces be with you to lead the company and products into a new era with your team.

  6. I have nothing to say but thank you ! Thank you a lot ! To see all the features I used to love in Opera now in Vivaldi is great ! I’m really excited about what is coming next ! šŸ˜€
    (sorry for the bad English :p)

  7. I first tried Opera a few months ago and became addicted to a few features that were immediately taken away, such as the ability to open a new tab with a mouse gesture on a link. Currently, this is the only browser that natively supports this gesture without having to hunt down extensions. I am very much looking forward to the future of this browser. I use vim whenever I can so I don’t have to ever take my hands away from the keyboard, so I am very excited to see how Vivaldi innovates keyboard navigation of the web.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. I’ve got very high hopes for Vivaldi. I’ve been an Opera fan since it fit on a floppy, and have been sticking with v12 since the new Opera seems to have… I don’t even know what they’re doing anymore.

    The direction and intent revealed around here so far has been very encouraging. I look forward to the greatest of successes.

  9. It’s like the returning of an old friend. The same friend that was lost with the “new” opera. Welcome Vivaldi.
    I’m so excited šŸ˜€

  10. No Jon… Thank you…
    this last year was really frustrating for me and no matter how much I tried to cope with the new Opera, it became harder and harder…
    especially since all they’ve been doing these last few months has been playing with the start page and copying chrome’s every bit and byte !

    I hope Vivaldi beats some sense into the competition and reminds us what a real browser is capable of…

    Thanks !

  11. Thanks a lot for Vivaldi TP.

    I hope, development speed and user feedback, bugreporting and enthusiam will make it a good [b]and usable[/b] product.

  12. A very brave move making it public during pre-alpha.
    Anyone involved in projects as publicly available, will be familiar with all the shouting and complaints about missing or broken features.
    I hope we can make headway in the coming storm of complaints, as they will come thick and fast.

    I had the luxury of a sneak-peek already so I knew what to expect.
    Even in the lean state, it shows promise as being very flexible and moving in the right direction.
    The ease of access to the security and privacy settings is very cool.
    Note: This is the first browser I have used that lest me totally remove US-English once I add English-English, and for that small thing I am eternally grateful, as it means no more incorrect spellchecks when the browser uses defaults.

    I hope you get the joy and pride you once had from Opera, and as long as Vivaldi dares to be different, it will gain its own place in the market, and not be seen as an alternative to other browsers, but a “1 of a kind” with no comparison.
    Cheers Jon, and thanks for sticking to your values.

  13. Nope. Thank YOU. Amazing work, people.
    Weekly updates will be lovely!

    Now I have a typo in my username… and I don’t know how to fix (or if its possible). ;p

  14. I honestly think you’ll have a battle on your hands for good market share. Well, that said, maybe ‘good’ is in the eye of the beholder. Certainly Microsoft can’t accept the penetration that Google and Chrome have into their once monopolistic user base. Hence ‘Spartan’. And perhaps Mozilla nipping at the heals of the big guns is more of an annoyance than a threat. But even a single-digit percentage of PC users moving to Vivaldi will be considered a success and a reason to press on. I think that is the case here. A small percent of users, interested in the Vivaldi ecosystem and willing to see it through the growing stages could be just the ticket.

    Hence, I all in. Viva Vivaldi!

  15. Good thing! Do you intend to post the builds on a certain day of the week, so we know when to expect them šŸ™‚

  16. Thank you Jon, we are going to wait patiently for a new build and the next one, and the next. You can count on us to continue testing this beauty. There are a few annoying bugs that we all are going to help squash.

  17. “thanks” it’s what I have to say to you Jon, everyday. Let’s make the Vivaldi better together šŸ™‚